Weekly class schedule - ONLINE via Zoom: 

Wednesdays   5:30-7pm (open class, general level) every week

$15 drop-in or $130 for ten classes


In-person workshop with Jessica Becker
Senior Teacher in the Iyengar lineage
Owego NY April 27-28.

Contact me for info about registration and pricing!

Tips on setting up your online yoga space

Helpful props: three yoga blankets, two blocks, one belt,one chair (metal folding chair is best.) Access to a clear wall space is useful.

Adjust the lighting in your room (please don’t put yourself in front of a window or you will be backlit and difficult to see.)

Join 10-15 minutes before class to check in, adjust your screen and audio, communicate any health issues or other useful updates, and be seated ready to begin at class start time.

Set your device up horizontal to your mat, about 2-3 feet from the floor, not at an angle, and positioned so your head and feet are both visible. If possible, set up your mat about 12 feet away from your screen. (Remember,what you see on the screen is what your instructor sees--and she really wants to see your head and feet!)

In Zoom you can toggle between two modes: “Gallery View” and“Speaker View.” You may want to start in Gallery View to get a sense of class community. Afterward, switch to Speaker View to follow the class (this view makes the picture of the teacher larger.)

If you have a question at any time, please unmute yourself and ask your question. (You can also send a message to the instructor via the "chat" feature, if you prefer to keep your communication private.)

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